This website is the brainchild of jazz pianist and Harvard ethnomusicologist William Bares and was conceived as a sounding-board for research on what he calls jazz’s transatlantic “eternal triangle”:  the dynamic set of interrelationships among codependent American, European and black Atlantic musical identities. “Eternal Triangle” also puts transatlantic jazz studies on the (cybernetic) map by serving as a resource and meeting-point for those working in the fledgling field.  Here interviews, musical examples, historical research and cultural theory intersect with the opinions of scholars, musicians, critics and industry insiders.

If you wish to pursue topics in greater depth, you are encouraged to sign into the forum where you can post questions or begin discussion threads.  A quick guide to other noteworthy sections of the site…

  • The resources section of the course contains links to events, research facilities and services relating to Transatlantic Jazz
  • The videos section showcases videos of jazz musicians I’ve seen, heard, read or written about.
  • The TAJ Course section houses all the materials for Bares’s Transatlantic Jazz seminar.
  • The research section includes links, a bibliography and other useful tools.
  • My personal page contains a bio, photos, original music, and a downloadable CV.

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